Candy Box 2 Wiki

Obtained by defeating yourself. Prevents you from moving forward unless you jump.


"Take the time to breathe and calm down. If you wear these boots, you will never move as long as you touch the ground."

   ?      ?           ?      ?   
         ____    ?               
     ?   \   |   ____   ?        
        __)  |  |   /      ?      
  ?    (_____)  |  (__           
                (_____)  ?      


The boots are very useful in Hell, but some strategies for the monkey wizard also incorporate the boots.

Since they keep you from moving if you touch the GROUND, if you have the Pogo Stick, Feather, and Tribal Spear (summoning), you can build a staircase to get the Rocket Boots in the desert temple, but this requires patience.