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Chocolate bar
Chocolate bar.png
Type: Sweet
Location: The Shop
Cost: 800 candies


"This is a chocolate bar. I don't know what it is used for, but it happens to be quite rare, which explains the price. 800 candies and it's yours!"

Throwing one into the wishing well will permit you to enchant the:

  • Leather Gloves to pink enchanted gloves or red enchanted gloves.
  • Octopus King's Crown to Obsidian or Jaspers versions.
  • Monkey Wizard Staff to an enhanced version that spits stronger spells more often.
  • Tribal Spear to an enhanced version that summons tribe warriors that will fight by your side.
  • Knight's Body Armor to reduce the damage taken by 80% but divides damage dealt by the equipped weapon in half.
  • Giant Spoon to an enhanced version that does 315 damage and has an incredibly slow weapon speed.

They can also be traded for pains au chocolat once you reach The Castle, which can be used at the wishing well for permanent bonuses.


The chocolate bar can be found in 6 places. It can be bought in The Shop, randomly found in The Cave entrance, or found in a pile of trees near the village (secret location). And 3 chocolate bars will be rewarded to you by the Squirrel for answering his 5th question correctly. You can also get a chocolate bar by throwing 1630 candies on the ground. A pain au chocolat can be crafted for a chocolate bar and a hundred candies in The Castle's big room. It may also be found near the bottom of The Hole, after defeating the 4 Lost Tribe Warrior, you can access the chest behind them.

Full List:

Secret Location[]

While exploring through the cave, you may notice a diagram on the ground that looks like this

Cave map.png

This is actually a map of where you can dig to find 3 extra chocolate bars. In case you can't figure it out, click where the red circle is down below (you can only click here once you have gone into the cave and found the diagram). Click on, "dig" and you will find 3 free chocolate bars.

Chocolate bar find.png


The game has only 13 chocolate bars total, so use them wisely.