Candy Box 2 Wiki

You'll find the desert fortress key inside The Hole.

The desert fortress has three doors:

  • Right door: An empty room with a treasure chest in a very high position. At the top is the Rocket Boots.
    You can't reach it with a jump or an Anti-gravity Potion, so you need a Summoning Tribal Spear, Pogo Stick, the Boots of Introspection, the Desert bird feather and the Teleport spell to build a stair case up to the top. Summoning Spear video tutorial: Here
    You can also use the Octopus King's Crown with Obsidian so that the octopuses summoned form a staircase to reach the treasure.
    Another way to make a staircase uses at least 46 Cloning Potions and Teleport.
    Alternatively, with some patience (or a short spell cooldown period), it is possible to get up without chocolate items by equipping no weapon and Boots of Introspection, and using Obsidian Wall and Fireball (red gloves optional for faster finish): Go about two thirds of the way through the room, then use obsidian wall, then use fireball repeatedly until the wall is about the height of your jump, jump on top and use obsidian wall again, repeat until you reach the chest. Obsidian Wall video tutorial: Here
  • Left door: Unicorn Horn and Xinopherydon claw.
    • The Unicorn Horn is in the chest at the end of the map. To get the Unicorn Horn, use Rocket Boots, or careful jumping and Anti-Gravity Potions to get to the chest. One potion is needed for the final pit, and another can help you get over the tight set of jumps on the first screen, right before the spike platforms. The Unicorn Horn that will heal you in your future quests (like the pink gloves).
    • The Xinopherydon will heal itself at a rate of 500 HP per second if you're at least 50 tiles away (half the width of the status bar). To kill the Xinopherydon, stay near the treasure chest and let the Enchanted Monkey Wizard Staff kill it. Acid rain can help, but use Black Demons for critical damage. You will receive a Xinopherydon claw that doubles your weapon damage.