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Easter eggs are hidden things in the game, other than the main quest.

Status Bar

If you click the corners of the status bar, you can change the characters that make up the corners. In order, the corners change to '+', '*', '#', '-', ABCD, 0123 and @. For example

Original Status Bar

Original status bar.png

After clicking on one of the corners

New status bar.png

Candy Count

When candy count reaches 42, The Player appears beside the number for a brief period of time. This is a reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. When you get 1337 candies, the counter says "You have leet candies" in place of the count of candies. When you have 314159 candies, candies has an exclamation mark at the end. This is because 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, and 9 are the first six digits of pi. Also, due to how Javascript works, if you cheat in or manage to get an incomprehensible amount of candies, the game will say "You have Infinity candies."

A chocolate bar has been given to the player.

Throwing Candies

A chocolate bar has been given to the player.

In your candy box, if you keep throwing candies, a character will animate a story (a new frame every time you click "throw candies", complete with dialogue), he will

  • Try to escape
  • Dig a hole
  • Find a chocolate bar

This takes a total of 1630 candies or 163 clicks.

Going beyond 1630 candies, he continues to dig a hole and find a bunch of candies and continues to eat them. This is the end of the animation.


If you click on the space below one of the trees, you can dig and find 3 chocolate bars.

In the sorceress's hut on the first row there are two books the left of the magic cakes, You will see three book in the order of M L P. that is the abbreviation for My Little Pony. Another pair of books are H2 and G2, another "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" reference. There is also a book that has GOAT spelled backwards on it, it could be a reference to the acronym GOAT, which means "Greatest of All Time". Still in the hut, there is a book with "TSN" written in, abbreviating "The Satanas Number". In the same number is there said number, 666, under the abbreviation. And in the second row before buying the first grimore it says park

In the 4th page of the brewing manual, the first paragraph says

This potion, which was invented by the well-known sorcerer Isaac, allows you to resist to the earth's gravitation force for a few seconds.

This is a reference to Isaac Newton's law of gravity.

In The Castle, the 2nd room labelled 'A Dark Room' is probably referenced to A Dark Room

When Defeating Hell, The Bat God is called Camaztoz, Which is probably a reference to the "Dark World" Camaztoz In the book A Wrinkle In Time.


The info box for the Unicorn Horn says This magical unicorn horn used to belong to Charlie which is in reference to this video

The Unicorn Horn's healing properties might be a reference to the Nethack rogue-like rpg, in which they could cure all sorts of ailments.


If you type:

  • The usernames of the Candy Box 2 devs The Computer will display credits
  • 42 The Computer will display The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.
  • Yes The Computer will display No!
  • No The Computer will display Yes!
  • cd The Computer will display Where would you like to go anyway?
  • emacs The Computer will display The best text editor ever after vim.
  • help command The Computer will display No, you're not supposed to type "help command", you should type "help bug" or "help add" for example.
  • lol The Computer will display Haha. That's funny
  • ls The Computer will display . ..
  • man The Computer will display Nah. Use help instead.
  • mkdir The Computer will display Cannot create directory. No, you won't be given any precision.
  • mv The Computer will display What would you like to move anyway?
  • nano The Computer will display Come on, do you seriously want to use this?
  • pacman The Computer will display The best package manager ever.
  • pwd The Computer will display /home/player
  • rm The Computer will display No, you can't remove anything, sorry.
  • startx The Computer will display Fatal server error: Cannot establish any listening sockets - Make sure an X server isn't already running
  • su/sudo The Computer will display To gain root access, please use "su -". (hint : you can't type the "-")
  • vim/vi The Computer will display The best text editor ever after emacs.


Main article: Lollipop#Locations

You can find 11 lollipops throughout the entire world. In the 5th house in The Village, there is one:

  • On top of the dresser
  • Right fray on the rug (third from the top)
  • Left handle of the dresser

There is also one in the forge, on top of the smelter and one on the bottom shelf of the Sorceress' Hut. Finally, the candy merchant has three for sale, and the Squirrel will give you three for answering one of his questions.

Source Code

If you view the source code here you get this nice message: "Hey, you're looking at the source code, cheater! ;)"

Even further, if you open up the body tag, you can see a nice piece of candy tucked away in there for you.

There is also a web address to a twitter account next to the code for the page icon.