If you equip the octopus king crown (with summoning ability) you go into the pier, then to the bottom of the water after you jump in. you will continuously spawn octopus kings to kill all enemies that spawn. free candies!

At early levels, a good way to rack up candies is to repeatedly kill the troll on the bridge. He has only 80 hp and drops 500 candy per, making it super easy with the Fireball spell and the Red Glove Enchant or the Polished Silver Sword. The fireball spell does 35 dmg to the troll without the Red Shark Fin.

When you have access to the forest, try using a Jaspers Octopus King's Crown, Boots of Introspection, and the Pink Glove Enchant. The wolves and tree spirits will keep spawning and dying, giving you free candies and infinite sustain.

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