Candy Box 2 Wiki
Type: Sweet
Location: The Shop
Cost: 60 candies

Lollipops are available throughout the game and once unlocked you can plant them in the lollipop farm for constant production.

They can be used for many things including buying goods at the Sorceress' Hut, building and feeding the mill at the lollipop farm, and brewing potions.


These can be useful to kick-start your Lollipop farm.

  • 3 For sale from the candy merchant
  • 1 On top of the fireplace in The Forge
  • 1 On top of the wardrobe in the 5th house in the village
  • 1 In the wardrobe in the 5th house (click the left wardrobe handle)
  • 1 Hidden under the rug in the 5th house (click along the right edge of the rug to reveal it)
  • 1 On the shelves of the Sorceress' Hut (free)
  • 3 From completing the Squirrel