Candy Box 2 Wiki
Type: Weapon
Weapon damage: 21
Weapon speed: incredibly fast (600 per minute)
Location: The Forge
Cost: 5,000,000 candies

It comes from the Blacksmith in The Forge, unlocked after talking with the Dragon (and having all previous weapons purchased from the blacksmith). The Scythe costs 5,000,000 candies.

One strategy to get to 5M candies quickly includes running the Castle Entrance while wearing the Candy Merchant's Hat (7x candy collection), the enchanted Monkey Wizard Staff, the pink enchanted gloves (for healing), the Boots of Introspection, and spamming Black Demons spells to clear everything out in front of you - if you use jumping to get to the rightmost side of the screen, the increased frequency of knights will bring an even better candy gain. It is possible to easily get as many candies as you need this way. The Giant Spoon of Doom has the same DPS as the scythe, and as such they are mostly interchangeable, although it will be easier to take out many smaller enemies with its high speed. This means it may be unnecessary to get one if you already have the other. If you are not able to defeat the Teapot, this weapon could come in handy. If you don't have many candies, use the Giant Spoon of Doom.