Candy Box 2 Wiki
The Squirrel.png

The squirrel can be found in the tree directly north west of the village once you have obtained the world map. Similar to the frog mini-game in the original, the squirrel will ask you various questions in return for rewards.

1. Do you really love candies? A: Yes

2. What is the next letter in this sequence? "S, E, I, D, N, A" A: C

3. How many candies does the candiest person in the world possess? A: Your current amount of candies.

4. Marks on the tree A: 10 (it's the marks on this tree!) (or alternatively: all numbers are 10*6^x)

5. If I throw my yellow hat into the sea, what happens to it? A: Floats / wet

6. Play Tic tac toe. A: Click right outside of the board, and make three in a row there.

For completing this, you get several candies, lollipops, and chocolate. On top of that, the squirrel also rewards you with a key to the third house in the village.


  • For the text input questions, your answer is lowercased, and spaces and punctuation are removed, before the answer is checked.
  • Here are the normalized accepted answers for the questions:
    1. "Do you really love candies?": yes, y, yeah, yeap, yep src
    2. Complete the sequence: S, E, I, D, N, A, ? c letterc theletterc src
    3. Candiest person's candies: Your current candies (up to an error of +3/-3) at the time of your answer. src
    4. Marks on the tree: 10 ten 10marks tenmarks src
    5. Yellow hat: wet itbecomeswet itbecomewet becomeswet becomewet itgetswet itgetwet itswet itgotwet itiswet itiswetnow itswetnow float floats itfloats itsfloating itisfloating floating itfloat src