Candy Box 2 Wiki

The Cyclops is a NPC in Candy Box 2. It is found at The Pier.


The cyclops can be asked any number of questions from a drop down menu any number of times;

"Who are you?"

-"I'm a very old cyclops."
"What are you doing here?"

-"I live here all day long, waiting for a boat to come. It's been a long time since I've seen a boat, but I must stay here, staring at the sea, because a boat may come."
"Why would I eat candies?"

-"Because they're good for your health!"

(This is actually true because eating candies increases your maximum health.)

"What is a candy box?"

-" It is a very old box that is said to contain all the candies in the world. The legends say that whoever manage to  open it would have so  much candies that anything could be possible."

There is a 5th question can be asked after you have finished the quest The Castle's Entrance and explored The Castle a little bit...

The Cyclops will then ask you to solve a puzzle in exchange for something valuable that is "essential for you to ultimately get a LOT of candies".