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The Forest.png

The Forest is unlocked when you successfully exit The Cave.

Here you will face wolves, Tree Spirits and Forest Mosquitos. If you linger for a while, then you will also be attacked by Forest Mosquitos.

After you completed The Forest, you can move on to the Castle Entrance and The Hole

An easy way to complete The Forest is to use the Monkey Wizard Staff and the Octopus King's Crown. It is recommended to have 200 health with the Monkey Wizard Staff or the Octopus King's Crown, otherwise 350+ health may be needed.

Just keep going right and jump at the end.

Farming the Forest[]

The Forest can be used to gain large amounts of candies. Equip the enchanted monkey wizard staff, the Octopus King's Crown with jaspers, the pink enchanted gloves, and the boots of introspection. Squeeze using the magical sponge and leave the game open for a long time. You can leave it alone for over an hour, so use this time to go to the bathroom and get food. Hydrate or die-drate folks.

Make sure you have the pogo stick so you can jump to the ending and keep your candies!