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The Troll is an enemy you will fight on a bridge. It is very big and holds a large spiked club.

The Troll has 80 HP and drops 500 candies when killed.

The Troll can be considered a Boss, because it's Health bar is constantly showing, whereas other creatures only have their health bars shown while in combat.


Some prefer the pink gloves over the red gloves as the red gloves are unpredictable, and the pink gloves will usually heal the player to full health in the run-up to the troll. At least an iron axe is mandatory for the troll; a polished silver sword is highly recommended unless you have 250+ health. However, the pink gloves can kill the troll much easier, regardless of equipment, even with only 100 HP.

Later on farming the troll becomes very simple as the fireball spell takes out 45 hp.

But in close combat, red gloves can defeat Troll, since fireballs comes from infront of you. thus hurt Troll more and can be defeat at 100 hp.